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Team News

This is where we will be posting updates on the team and its members.
Check back frequently as it will be updated often.

1/10/02 - Good news to report... We have our first sponsor on board.  Speed and Truck World in Altamonte Springs, Florida, is sponsoring the team.  (See sponsors page for full sponsorship information)  The team also met up for our second meeting last night.  The meeting was definitely a success.  All of the members from the first meeting returned, and a few new prospects came to check out the team.  New members have also been added to the roster [Jerry Borrero and Kyle Kuffermann].  In addition, the team has purchased a domain name.  The site can now be accessed at Keep checking back -- new information is added once it becomes available.

1/29/02 - Lots to report since we have not updated the news in the last couple weeks.  We have had some new members visit and check out the club.  Several new members have joined, so we are please to welcome Jose Tranquini, Edwin Rivera, and Scott Thompson.  In addition to new members on the roster, we have also recruited some new sponsors.  The following local companies have signed on with the team -- Revolution Motorsports, Hill Vehicle Maintenance, Car Fashion, and Platinum Motorsports.  Today we also had our first major corporation offer the team sponsorship, so we offer our sincere appreciation to Crane Cams of Daytona Beach, Florida.  On a final note, the team will be representing itself this coming Saturday [February 2nd] at the first annual Central Florida Nationals, to be held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, Florida.  If you want to come down and check out the team or any of the other cars, roll-in time is 11am and the show goes on from 2pm until around 10pm.  Competitions include various car shows and DB drag.  Well that is all to report for now, we will update with new information and pictures after this weekend's show.  Thank you again to everyone for all of your support!

2/5/02 - Central Florida Nationals have come and gone.  It was definitely a good experience for the team to go and see what our competition is.  Apparently, it was a good experience for the people who are running the event.  They had estimated a certain number of people would come and twice that number showed up.  Several members of Lethal Motorsports did enter competition.  Tom Puig (Ford Mustang Cobra), Scott Thompson (Mitsubishi Eclipse), Bryan Flipse (Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited), and Jaclyn Schildkraut (Toyota Celica GT) all entered the show make/model competition.  While none of us won anything, we did learn a lot of valuable tips from the judges and other competitors.  We also made a lot of good contacts, so keep checking back for new members and sponsors.  Now we are turning our focus to getting prepped for Spring Break Nationals, which are in Daytona Beach, Florida from March 22-24.  This is mainly a audio and sound show, with a competition for Street Glow.  Major upcoming competitions we are getting ready for include Hot Import Nights and Nopi Nationals, coming later this year.  Check back for more information!

2/26/02 - So what's new in the club you ask?  LOTS!  We have inducted new officers (President and Vice-President) after the departure of previous members Bryan Flipse and Tom Puig.  We wish them the best of luck.  Congratulations to Shane Hawkins and Erik Thompson, Lethal Motorsports newest  president and vice-president.  We have also had the fortunate addition of new members, including Art Littman and his 2001 Steeda Ford Focus.  We are also searching for fresh new members, so if you are interested, please contact us.  There is a lot on our calendar for the upcoming few weeks.  This coming Thursday (February 28, 2002) we will be holding a car wash at Audio Extreme in Longwood, Florida to raise money for future events (see Calendar for further details).  In several weeks, we will be heading to Daytona Beach, Florida for Spring Break Nationals and the Import Tuner Show at 600 North (March 22-24).  Prior to this, we will be doing a lot of preparation to get our cars ready.  And last but not least, members will be competing in this coming weekend's Fun Ford Weekend at the Orlando Speedway in Bithlo, Florida.  Art Littman will be competeing in the Focus Frenzy class which consists of bracket racing.  Good luck to all members and check back for results!

3/5/02 - Quick update concerning Fun Ford Weekend!  Art Littman did compete, however did not place.  The competition was tough, and we give him much support and appreciation for going out and representing the team.  On Sunday, March 17th, 2002, Audio Extreme will be holding a Test-&-Tune at their shop on 17-92 in Longwood, Florida.  All cars are welcome to come out as members and car enthusiasts tune up their systems for Spring Break Nationals.  The car wash for last week was postponed due to weather conditions.  Please check back here as we will post the new date sometime this week.  As for the website, we will be adding a new section set up specifically as a list of shows that we will be attending.  The events category will pertain to meetings, car washes, and sponsor/club shows.  Any other shows (including Spring Break Nationals, the Import Tuner Show, Hot Import Nights, etc.) will be found under Shows.  If there are any questions/comments, please feel free to contact us.