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Currently, our team is searching for sponsors.  We are looking for both cash donations for start-up costs as well as discounts or donations of parts/accessories and assistance in upgrading our vehicles.  In return for such generousity, our team and its members would be happy to display the sponsoring company's logo on the vehicle(s) such donations apply to (due to our team being comprised of both domestic and import cars).

As we receive sponsorships, they will be posted on this page for all visitors of the site to see.  This site has been submitted to all major search engines and we expect a vast amount of visitors.

If you are a corporation/organization interested in sponsoring our team, please contact us here.


Speed and Truck World
1322 E. Altamonte Drive
Altamonte Springs, Florida

(407) 331-5556

Revolution Performance
707 N. Goldenrod Road
Suite D
Orlando, Florida 32807

(407) 207-0513

Contact:  Eliseo DelaRosa


10103 E. Colonial Drive
Suite 200
Orlando, Florida 32817

(407) 924-0951
Fax:  (407) 282-4343

Contact:  Gabriel Burgos

Hill Vehicle Maintenance
Orlando, Florida

(407) 523-0348

Contact:  Henry Hill